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About PIWI

Ryan Metz, a Buyer, with his son, Cooper

at the GL group

Sarita James with her daughter, Uma, at Embark,
a software company for college admissions

PIWI's History

In 2005, Carla Moquin, PIWI's founder, read an article about Schools Financial Credit Union's program allowing their employees to bring their young babies to work every day until they were around six months old and care for them in their work spaces. Even their tellers were able to bring their babies to work. Having had to return to full-time employment when each of her daughters was less than five weeks old, Ms. Moquin was intrigued by this idea.  

After extensive Googling over the next few weeks, she discovered six other companies with baby programs, all of whom had created their programs from scratch and had believed they were the only company with such a program. Despite this, the parameters for these successful programs turned out to be surprisingly similar, and the business benefits were consistent across all the companies. Management at these companies loved talking about the transformation they had seen from allowing babies at work.  

By 2007, Ms. Moquin was able to locate 70 companies around the United States with babies-at-work programs.  She founded PIWI in December of 2007 to create a central resource for companies to access best practices and easy-to-use guidelines for starting a program, in the hope of ultimately encouraging thousands of companies to start programs. Although she had to pull back from this work as she now has a full-time job as the Office Manager of the Bernales Institute of Martial Arts to help support her family, she continues to maintain this website to help parents and companies who might benefit from this information.


PIWI is currently aware of more than 200 companies with successful programs in more than 30 different industries.  These organizations have hosted more than 2,100 babies to date and have reaped extensive benefits for their businesses and their employees from their baby programs.

Gavin at work
ballet 1
Cherie and baby_cr
Jackson with alternate cared   provider - Hawaii FCU_cr

Jessica Langen and baby Gavin

at GL group

Teaching ballet at Starz Unlimited

Cherie with her baby

at Hawaii First Federal Credit Union

Brenda with baby Ko at the

Farmers Market on Broadway

Alternate Care Provider with a baby

at Hawaii First Federal Credit Union

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