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The following documents and books are designed to help you to propose a
babies-at-work program in your organization. Please feel free to download
and use the PDF documents as they are (do not make changes).

The template policy is a Word document that you are welcome to alter to fit the needs of your organization.

Please call us at (801) 897-8702 if you have any questions or concerns.  You can also contact our sister organization, Babies in Business Solutions (BIBS) if you would like assistance proposing or implementing a program in your organization.

Babies at Work:
Bringing New Life to the Workplace

   A vivid picture of the transformation that babies bring to the workplace, including testimonials from companies and families around the United States about the benefits they've seen from these programs.
How to Start a Babies-at-Work Program
   The step-by-step guide to successfully proposing and implementing a babies-at-work policy in your organization, including how to gain management and coworker support, how to create a sustainable program, and how to set up your work environment and successfully work with your baby.
"I think your books are wonderful and, as far as I'm aware, utterly unique. I will include Babies @ Work in my recommended readings in my keynotes."
Stuart Shanker, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Professor of
Philosophy and Psychology at York University;
Director of the Milton & Ethel Harris Research Initiative;
Director of the Council for Human Development and
Past President of the Council of Early Child Development
"Ms. Moquin's expertise and research highlight an important way for organizations to find and keep top employees and contribute toward making themselves great places to work.  This concept makes solid business sense and I would recommend this as 'must-read' material for any Human Resources executive and every business owner."
Deborah Driskill, CEO, CDG & Associates,
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year recipient - Services Division; Working Woman General Excellence National Award recipient; Winning Workplaces national finalist
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