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Alliance Credit Union
Alliance's babies-at-work program was started in the Fall of 2012.  The program was initiated by Alliance's Vice President of Human Resources, Debbie Sallen.  Debbie had previously worked at another credit union and had also spearheaded her first baby program there.  That credit union had hosted more than 70 babies before being bought out, which made Debbie a staunch advocate for the benefits of having babies at work. 

According to Alliance's official policy, babies can come to work until they reach six months of age.  Alliance, which has 90 employees, has hosted six babies at work since implementing its program.  Two of the participating parents have been tellers at Alliance branches. The feedback from credit union members has been overwhelmingly positive.  Along with coworkers, members have also bonded with the babies and frequently ask to see and hold them.  One member commented, "That is so awesome!" when a participating mom explained why she had her baby with her.

One teller who was asked to switch to a different branch farther away said that she stayed with Alliance in spite of the distance because she was able to bring her baby with her.  Alliance has been thrilled with the camaraderie, morale boost, and increased retention the program has created and is looking forward to hosting its first baby in its corporate headquarters.
Regina with her baby, Maxson
Carolina and her baby, Abigayle
Debbie Sallen
with baby Maxson
Alliance's Baby Care and Family Room
Alliance's Media Coverage
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